Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Yuru Yuri (season 2)" episodes 2-7 thoughts

So out of all the currently airing anime, Yuru Yuri is the one that I have been the laziest one keeping up with. Maybe it is because I am so in love with Kokoro Connect and Sword Art Online (more of a love hate relationship) or because you have to be in a certain mood to really appreciate Yuru Yuri. It is one of those shows that you just have to understand that literally nothing will be accomplished plot wise during the episode you are about to watch. It is most definitely a show that you go to watch because you want to laugh and turn your brain off and compared to the first season, Yuru Yuri (season 2) is putting up a decent fight in terms of overall enjoyment.

All the episodes I have seen so far has had everything that made Yuru Yuri's first season so fun to watch. There is slapstick comedy, good animation, great voice acting, and very likable characters. Each character is so unique compared to any other one in the show. My favorite character is and always will be Kyouko because her personality always sets up confrontations between the other characters in the show. Another reason why Yuru Yuri works so well is because it has a decent amount of characters and there is no real main character to focus on. Each one gets a pretty good amount of screen time so you have the chance to get to know each one. You easily pick up on what each character's personality is, who they like, and best of all who they cannot stand. The back and forth issues between Kyouko and Chinatsu almost make the entire show for me.

This season of Yuru Yuri does not have a main plot line just like its previous season. Each episode is just a series of random events and we are just to sit back and watch everything unfold. Each episode has been very entertaining and I actually like that I have been able to watch the show at my own pace and not shotgun the episodes. The anticipation IMO make each episode even more funny and enjoyable. Even though I put this show lower on my priority list to watch each week, I still look forward to it.

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