Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Kannagi" episodes 1-7 thoughts

One anime that caught my attention awhile ago was Kannagi due to its premise and artwork. I kept putting off watching it due to other commitments (school, music, SWTOR, ext.) but now that I have plenty of time I am around half way through the first season (assuming that it will continue later on).

The first thing I noticed when watching this show is that for high schoolers (they are high schoolers correct...?) these characters look too...young. It's the same issue I had when reading and watching Mahoraba where the characters just do not appear to be as mature looking as they should be but hey every artist has their way of drawing so I cannot really complain. Besides the character models, the show looks pretty good. The backgrounds look fairly developed, there are no generic looking backdrops, and the sunset scenes are pretty well done. In the sound department, so far I like all the voice actors and the music fits well enough (for J-pop that is). I especially like Nagi' voice (just personal preference). The characters unfortunately fit in the generic, cookie cutter personalities (tsundere, yuri, ext.) but its not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy the character interactions so far because every convo has moved the story forward in some sense. Nothing has felt unnecessarily added in just for laughs.

So far I would have to say that I am enjoying the anime for what it has offered so far. A lot of plot elements are starting to come together and I just hope that the ending works well. I only hope it doesn't begin to stale out (much like many slice of life anime before it).

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