Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Redline" Anime Review

After sitting through Redline, a Madhouse animated movie, I am having quite a hard time trying to fathom what I just watched. Starting from the first scene where the clumsy old dad is trying to set up his camera to take a picture of the racers, I was instantly glued to the screen. The mouthwatering visuals and chilling sound effects are more than enough to please an average Joe’s thirst of racing but what about all that other mombo jumbo that people plea for? What’s it called…oh yeah story and character development?

Story: 5.4/10
The basic premise is that “Redline” is a race where only the best racers can complete in. Our main man JP goes through a lot of trouble to get to this race and with a little help from fellow racer Sonoshee, they might just win the entire thing. While everything about this movie screams production value, one thing that was overlooked (and maybe for good reason) was the plot. While it isn’t the best thought provoking material I have ever experienced, the movie does keep you invested throughout its entire one hundred and one minutes. The hidden beauty of this is while the plot is dubbed down to the generic first race--->break--->last race formula, they give us just barely enough to hold onto. I would of liked a better character development (it’s there but it is thrown together very half hazardly) but it worked well enough.  What really drags the score down is the ending…it just seems like it suddenly stops. We have the super buildup to the final stretch and then…it ends. Plus they had the audacity to have the most unneeded confessing of feelings at the last frame. It was just…somewhat of a letdown because I thought we were out of old anime’s bad habits.

Animation: 10/10
Here we go again…throwing out a perfect score is something I find very hard to do but boy I do not think I will ever see something this unique and beautiful in my life ever again. After doing a little bit of research, I found that it took around seven years to complete this movie (talk about a HUGE gamble). Everything is HAND DRAWN. Madhouse really created a visual masterpiece that will last into the endless future. Every scene flows very well into each other, the facial expressions are very believable, the lighting is so spot on, and the character models are so detailed. This movie sports the best lighting I have ever seen; when it’s out on the desert, the sun reflects off of everything. Inside the nightclub the fish tanks in the background glow and shine onto the adjacent tables. It’s just…so hard to put it into words how amazing the movie looks. Even if you are turning this away due to the lack of plot please just watch it for the visuals and sounds. Treat it like a Transformers movie; its complete s#!t but it’s amazing looking s#!t.

Sound: 10/10
Again with the perfect score…Every car has their own unique and amazing sounds that stick within the entire show. From the crowd cheers to the main character’s voices, this anime just sounds orgasmic. Even the techno (correct me if that is the wrong way to express it) soundtrack is spot on and off the track.

Characters: 6.5/10
While the characters of this anime are forgettable and uninspiring, JP does stick out a little bit. At first I thought he was just a junky gear head but after a while he did start to grow on me. Heck even Sonoshee made me gleam a little bit towards the end. Just know that the other characters will most likely not bring a lasting impression; they show up, race, and then leave stage left.

Overall: 8/10
The score says 7.9 but in my mind it is a gear head’s bread and butter. If you want to turn your brain off and enjoy the best looking, sounding, and feeling anime to come out in years then this is your calling. I hope more animation studios take their chances on projects like this in the future.

***When JP triggers the nitro get ready to s#!t bricks***

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Sword Art Online" (Anime) Episode 17 Thoughts

Kirito beats up Lyfa's (his sister in real life) attackers, Lyfa teaches Kirito how to fly much more efficiently, she shows Kirito her race's hometown, and the two decided on venturing towards the World Tree. We also are introduced to both Asuna and Sugou's characters in ALO. One thing I can tell you about this particular arc is that while the first arc (SAO) lacked a person we were all supposed to hate from the beginning, it is very apparent that you should hate Sugou's guts. The way the creators of the anime have brought forth Sugou is actually much better than I initially thought they would. When reading the short novel, I envisioned him as a very evil person but when we first met him in the hospital in the anime, I was blown away at how he was presented. You kind of just knew by the first conversation that he was going to be one evil dude.

So as I suspected the pacing for this show is going to continue down the path the previous arc set forth. This is unfortunate news for us (the viewers) because it means it will be quite a long time before we see Kirito anywhere near the world tree unless the studio decides to cut out a lot of content. I do have to thank the studio once more for being so faithful to the orginal short novel. Mostly everything has matched up to what I remember reading in the short novel a couple months ago. The animation is also insanely crisp in this episode. The scenes that take place in ALO are simply some of the best animation I have ever seen; everything is so detailed and it has some of the best lighting in anime.

So sorry for the short post, I might go back to posting every two or three episodes so I can refrain from these short and non-descriptive posts.

"Little Busters!" (Anime) Episodes 3-4 Thoughts

So since my last post on Little Busters! I have found out that it is indeed based off of a visual novel; one made by Key in matter of fact. So this means that the creators of the anime will have a lot of freedom when determining who the main character will pursue. This also means that since it is derived from a visual novel, it is a romance…-___-. Now I do not have anything against romance anime or anime based off of visual novels but I was kind of hoping this was going to be a slice of life anime that was not going to be centered on finding love.

After my dreams were crushed, I hoped onto everyone’s favorite web site, Google to find out more about the visual novel. It had some very favorable reviews so I decided to give it a shot and was mildly entertained.Not as good as the Maji de Watashi ni KoiShinasai!! visual novel but not horrible either. So I can say after completing a few of the routes in the VN that I cannot determine Riki (the main character) is going to choose in the anime. I’ve been told the common route in the game leads to Komari but I haven’t seen enough of the anime to say who he is leaning towards the most.

So I’m going to stop bringing up the VN for now because I want to talk just about the show; not how different of similar it is to the source material. Episodes two through four introduce pretty much the main cast of the show (minus one we haven’t met yet). These new characters are Haruka(the mischievous loud mouth), Kud (the Loli favorite), and Yuiko (the cold fighter).  Haruka was my favorite character from the VN and her personality seems intact in the anime while Yuiko is somewhat desirable in the anime. The story so far is the formation of the baseball team and the recruitment of the remaining players for the team. There have been some funny moments so far but overall the show is starting to feel a little stale. While the plot is moving (somewhat) it isn’t being presented very well. Most of the episodes don’t have a lot of “pizzazz”. Hopefully once we get to the meat of the story it will open up and become more interesting because at the moment it just isn’t very interesting.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"High School DxD" Anime Review

The opening scene of High School DxD gave me the impression it was going to be another generic no nonsense ecchi school anime. Twelve episodes later however, I find myself a little baffled at how much I enjoyed it.

Story: 7/10
In my mind, average would equal seventy percent (seven out of ten). While this show’s premise is not very ambitious, it isn’t horrible either. The show starts out with our pal Issei dying from a spear wound from a demon b!tch in a park all alone. His last words call out to our “loaded” red headed president Rias who allows Issei to continue on living by becoming a demon. The plot in general actually had a very nice pace; there wasn’t any section of the anime where I thought it was dragging. We have the beginning events, the laid back period where most of the stuff happens at school, then the main conflict which arises and ends all within twelve episodes. Most shows that follow in the ecchi format are nothing more than eleven filler episodes with the studio scrambling at the end to make some sh!tty ending. High School DxD genuinely was an interesting show to watch. It didn’t go over the top with its premise but it was far from boring. Some might argue the ecchi content might have gotten in the way but generally since our protagonist is a perv anyway, it didn’t distract me…too much.

Animation: 7/10
So I was lucky enough to get to see this on a BD copy of the movie (courtesy of a friend). The visuals are quite well done; every character model was constantly presented very well, the backgrounds had attention to detail, and fight scenes had great feudality. AND YES for all of you who are just going to watch this for the ecchi stuff do not fret, all the scenes that point out the most awkward camera angles are here for you to enjoy. The BD copy does not hold back at all; where the broadcasted version was heavily censored (at least I was told it was), it's no holds bar here. But like I have stated in my other reviews, I am part of that weird percent of anime viewers that do not watch for the “scenes”; if a show has an interesting plot and very well written characters, I can sit through it.

Sound: 7.2/10
I am very picky about sound since I spend most of my time around music. While the musical score for this anime isn’t genericly bad, it is somewhat average. The music that plays during the fight scenes and around the school sound like any other anime’s soundtrack; there just wasn’t a whole lot of originality here. The voice actors however did a pretty good job; everything was recorded fairly well.

Characters: 7/10
Again while the characters were not “OMG AMAZING”, they also were not a hindrance to the anime. The club’s characters all have an overlying personality that may be somewhat generic but we are exposed to them enough through character development that I started to like all of them by the end of the show. Even though Issei is a pervert crybaby, he genuinely grows throughout the show and becomes pretty badass by the final fight.

Overall: 7.1/10
So with seven out of ten being my average score, a 7.4 out of ten is above what I expected coming into this show. I was so sure that after the first episode I was going to have another Champione! experience (in other words, a generic boring ecchi anime). But this show really surprised me; even though there was a lot of ecchi content, it worked itself fairly well into the show and since the animation was very good backed with a decent cast, it was overall a good watch. It exceeded my expectations so why not yours?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Sword Art Online" (Anime) Epsoides 14-16 Thoughts

So with the events of SOA ending, you thought it was going to be game over right? Wrong; the show now transitions on over to the next setting which takes place in the game Alfheim Online. Kiritio finds himself logging into this new world because of a photo given to him that shows someone looking very similar to Asuna within the game. With some help from his sister, friends, and a very important member from SOA, Kirto must find out if Asuna is really in this new world and without spoiling anything, he is on a time limit.

So first off coming from someone who has read the light novel series that this anime is based off of, I have to give the studio some credit on sticking with the original source material. Other than some omitting of information towards the end of SOA and some slight pacing issues, this anime has been a direct link to the light novel. We were recently introduced to Kirito's sister who may like her brother a little too much...(she does play a pretty sizable role in this arc later on) Also we meet the shop keeper from SOA that helped Kirito out so much in his weapon shop. He now works at a local bar that in the future will host many meetings between the characters of the show. So like I stated in the general synopsis for these couple of transition episodes, Kirito finds himself in a new game, Alfheim Online. This game sports new rules such as the ability to fly. I have to applaud the animation studio once again for making Alfheim look so beautiful. When I was reading the light novel, what I imagined Alfheim Online would look like pretty much matched the anime's interpretation. The latest episode (episode 16) shows Kirito logging in for the first time, him meeting a very important person from SOA, and also aiding the person that will help guide him to his goal in Alfheim Online.

Overall I am very pleased with the show thus far. A lot of people are criticizing and nitpicking every little wrong thing about this show but to me since I love the light novel so much and since the anime pretty much mirrors it, I end up loving the show. Yes there are faults but it isn't really a show you should watch for thought provoking concepts. It has accomplished exactly what the light novel has done, provide a gamer's fantasy from the hero's point of view. If you find yourself not coping well with the wait for each new episode, I strongly encourage you go read the light novel it is done very well.

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Humanity Has Declined" Anime Review

There was one show that stuck out from the rest of the crowd during the 2012 summer season. This anime, Humanity Has Declined had the randomness and uniqueness of Gintama and while I would say I enjoyed it almost as much, certain parts of the season really brought it down.

Story: 5/10
So starting out with a downer, the plot is very incoherent. To give you an idea of what the show is about, we follow Mediator who is in charge of overlooking the fairies in the surrounding area. She and her assistant, Assistant (what a cleaver name…) run into many different experiences over the course of the season. The first story arc is brilliantly funny and a joy to watch but the following arcs felt…out of place. We learn towards the end of the show that the final episodes actually take place before the first four or so episodes in the timeline. Why the creators arranged it this way I do not know but whatever effect they were shooting for missed me completely. While I generally enjoyed the show, the order of events really threw me a curveball. If your main focus is on the actual content and whether it is worth watching, I would say yes it is. Most of the story arcs have a very dry, dark humor but the character interactions break the tension. The main cast along with the fairies work very well with each other. The major flaw with the plot though (the sequence of events) just really lets the show down. If you want a coherent experience, you are almost better off watching the last two episodes, then the ones before that, then starting from the beginning. This might not affect a lot of people but whenever I watch a new anime or tv show, I cannot start it until I am fully aware of the beginning episodes. I just cannot stand jumping into the middle of a season. 

Animation: 7/10
While the animation won’t blow your mind away, it is very unique and distinctive from other shows. The show sports a plain, matte looking color scheme that fits the post world war whatever environment. The character models also have this slick, reflective look that make them stand out from other slow paced shows. It’s hard to explain the appeal but just know that it isn't amazing but by no means horrible.

Sound: 7/10
The first episodes really shine in the sound department. The music played during the chase scene at the end of the first arc was brilliantly placed and the voice actors really nailed their character’s personalities. While the quality of the voice acting continues onto the very end, the background sound tends to sizzle out. I even started to notice that they were reusing some of the musical tracks in the ending episodes that were present in the first couple ones. The best thing about the sound however is the opening theme. It is by far the catchiest opening I have ever watched…and I tend to stray away from J-pop. Overall a great sounding anime.

Characters: 9.5/10
This is by far the most stand out point of the show; the characters and the chemistry between them. The main character, Mediator deserves character of comedy anime of this century award by far (either that or a very close tie with Gintama). Her morbid thinking and decision making process makes every episode a blast to watch. Assistant also tends to steal the show while he is present due to his very crude humor and his use of his sketchpad. Other great characters include Grandfather, Pion, and Y. The fairies also provide some very funny moments in the show. There is however a problem; while all the characters present in the show are well written and amazing, they tend to stay on the sideline too much. After their respectable arc is over, we hardly see anyone but Mediator. Even her Assistant is absent in the middle of the season for a lengthy amount of time. If they would have worked these characters in some more, I would have rated this category with a ten without a doubt in my mind.

Overall: 7.1/10
Do not let this score stray you away from this show. While the timeline really screwed up my experience, this show has too much greatness to offer. If you want a very dry humor and interesting comedy to watch, then look no further.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Kamisama Hajimemashita" (Anime) Episodes 1-3 thoughts

Kamisama Hajimemashita is part of a genera of anime that I usually stray away from because it has never really appealed to me in the past. This genera, shoujo is made for and directed towards young women so why in the hell would I bother with it? So what happened within the first three episodes that caused me to feel so strongly about this anime?

Well first is the amazing animation. With shows like Fate/Zero and Nisemonogatari pushing such amazing quality of animation, one might think that nothing would come close to topping them. Kamisama Hajimemashita so far has itself coming very close to the visual appeal of Nisemonogatari for two main reasons:
  1. They both share a somewhat abstract way of presenting scenes. Examples of what I mean are how the close up shots transition and how the overall uniqueness of the animation sets it apart from other shows.
  2. They both share amazing lighting techniques. It seems as if every possible frame of animation is lit brilliantly.
The animation is just...wow. TMS Entertainment is really outdoing themselves; I hope they can keep the quality up throughout the entire season.

So back to the weird part...a shoujo...Why would an adult male like myself chose to like a show that is directed for women? The strange thing is that I find the main character very interesting. Nanami is left with literally nothing in the first minutes of the show's beginning but she continues on. After becoming one of the gods, she at first denies her responsibilities but once she finds out how much she (the god) means to the people that put their trust in her hands, she tries her hardest to make their wishes come true. She is a very strong lead and is by no means a pushover. Her servant Tomoe is at the moment, bearable. I do not like him but I also do not loath him; his personality is very off putting but since his views do not match up with Nanami's it provides some good chemistry.

I can already tell from the openings that more male characters are going to be introduced so the show is bound to turn into a romantic comedy with the men fighting over Nanami. I'm not really looking forward to that but god...I could sit through all that crap in order to enjoy that beautiful animation.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Little Busters!" (Anime) Episode 1-2 thoughts

Little Busters is an anime that when I first saw the synopsis, I kind of shrugged off and decided I would return to in the future. After a couple of weeks though, the internet provided some arguments on whether the show was cleverly interesting and cute, or just generic. I don't like relying on others opinions to help form my own so I decided to go ahead and pick this series up so that I can formulate my own thoughts while not allowing outside sources to sway me. At first glance, this anime does feel and look generic because the first episode follows suit and does only one thing; introduce the characters in a boring fashion. We are handed each character for an amount of screen time, there is a flashback, nothing special here. The second episode introduces Komari who if I may make a foreshadowing attempt, will become Riki's love interest. Now I have no idea if that is even close at all because I have not researched the source material (I think it was a game first?). But yeah characters; other than Riki we have, Masato (muscle guy), Kyousuke (the brains...kind of), Komari who I just mentioned, Kengo (opposite of Masato), and Rin (the introvert school idol). So far, the characters actually seem pretty interesting and not so cookie cutter personality wise. My favorite character so far by a long shot is Rin because while she is the school's idol and extroverted around her friends, seeing her struggle with day to day conversations with other students is fun to watch due to her reactions.

Next on the list is animation; its pretty dang good. The characters models are defined well enough but one thing I have noticed that really sticks out are the facial expressions. The one-on-one scenes between Riki and Rin are especially apparent because the expressions Rin gives draws out her honest feelings. It sounds weird and I just may be giving the show too much credit but when I first watched the second episode, the scene where Rin is outside with the cats was a really well done scene animation wise.

Sound so far is what you expect for a modern day anime, great voice actors that have been recorded fairly well. The background music has done its job because while I don't notice it over what is going on, it doesn't steal my attention away from the plot. It's not amazing but it does it's job well.

Other than what I have already said, this anime looks like it has potential to be my sleeper pick this season. I cannot comment on the plot because well..its only been two episodes but I hope it flourishes into something unique (which seems to be very hard for modern day anime and manga to accomplish).

"To Love-Ru: Darkness" (Anime) Episodes 1-2 thoughts

Ahh its here...the thing I have been dreading and for some reason, been waiting for. While I have found the manga version VASTLY superior in most cases, To Love-Ru: Darkness has me rethinking that philosophy. It is finally here in anime form and after the first two episodes, I can guarantee you will receive the same experience as the first season. To Love-Ru has always been kind of a guilty pleasure that I go back to when I am extremely bored. I began reading the manga about a year ago because I literally could not find anything else to read and I was taking a break from anime. I somehow found myself enjoying because it had:
  1. Raunchy humor
  2. Likeable characters
  3. Great artwork
When I heard it was going to receive an anime adaptation, I had mixed feelings but overall I was looking forward to a faithful adaptation of the manga. We did receive a faithful adaptation but the anime had not given me a lasting impression like the manga did. With this new season of To Love-Ru: Darkness however, the new characters (mostly Momo) have me actually enjoying the anime more than the manga.

In case you need a refresher on what the hell is going on, Rito our male lead has pretty much wrapped every major female lead around him because he made an accidental confession to...everyone at once. Thus enter To Love-Ru: Darkness, which I can assure you retains all the raunchy humor and nice "visuals" as the previous season. Most people do watch this for those "visuals" but I find myself on the weird end of the spectrum watching the show for the humor and the general flow of the show. My favorite character Momo really steals the show in my honest opinion with all her scheming.

Visually and aurally, the anime has done quite well in the first episodes. The animation is very well done as the character models are quite refined and the background shots with the moonlight and sunlight are all very well done. Being To Love-Ru, all the weird camera angles that show the "important views" return and most things are censored due to the laws over in Japan. Most people are crying and whining about this but like I said, I'm one of those weird guys that is watch an ecchi anime for the things that doesn't make it ecchi.

I can say that as long as the anime follows the manga, I will stick with it. Fingers crossed that it doesn't turn too generic.

"Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne" (Anime) Episode 1-2 Thoughts

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne (Holy crap that's a mouth full) is going to be that anime for this season. What do I mean by that anime? By golly its going to be our no nonsense, no plot, harem anime! -____- This is the impression the show gave me after just two episodes of watching. The anime starts off by showcasing Akiko moving in to her dorm which is now occupied by her dear brother that she loves a little too much. She most definitely has a brother complex because even though she is aware of the taboo of siblings falling in love, she pursues it to a scary level. Lucky our male lead Akito is not interested at all because if he was, I would of stopped watching the show after ten minutes. The other characters introduced so far unfortunately do not give the show its saving grace. Anastasia (who is my favorite so far from this bland cast -__-) is the typical tsundere that is very mischievous. The back and forth between her and Akito is actually somewhat entertaining to watch. Arashi is the character I despise the most at the moment because all she is showing to be is the lazy but most sexual character of the bunch. I really don't care for her at all; she brings nothing interesting to the table. Lastly we have Haruomi who at first looks like the goody goody who is the cook and caring one of the bunch. A scene in the second episode shows that she can have her buttons pushed but it seems that she and Akito have a past history.

The first and second episodes show that these four somehow make up the student council at the school...when was this established? Would of been nice to see them get appointed or something...it literally is presented as, "Oh look first day of school. OH look we are the student council here." Another thing is that the show hasn't introduced any other minor characters yet...we see the school populated by other students but they just seem like static fill ins which is very disappointing. We also have had it pointed out that all three female leads have a love interest in Akrito (OH BOY WHAT A SHOCKER).

All I can tell you is that this is going to be another generic harem anime that while looks impressive (animation), will be nothing more than a softcore anime. Lets look at the bright side though...hopefully its better than Mashiro-Iro Symphony and Campione...right? God I hope so...

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" Episode 1 Thoughts

Have you ever seen something that as soon as it ended, you just knew that it was going to be the beginning to something amazing? That's how I felt when the first episode of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun finished in front of me last night. I was dumbfounded at how much I was enjoying what looked like a simple high school romance in the making. The show isn't inventing anything new, rowdy high school kid gets suspended and falls in love with the girl that comes to drop off homework. After meeting said girl, he begins to show up to school. She at first tries to avoid him but over time she comes to have feelings for him due to some action(s) by the male. We have seen this used in other anime but how it got from step one to the ending of episode one was a pleasure to watch. The chemistry between Haru and Shizuku flows very well and their personalities are fun to watch clash and mend together. Haru's aloofness and Shizuku's serious-all-the-time attitude will hopefully bring some interesting scenes in future episodes. This is one anime that I cannot wait to see every week.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!" Anime Review

When I decide to give a show a formal review, I try to displace my own opinions when calculating the final grades for each category. I believe that even if I didn't like the show, you (the audience) should learn as much as you can without spoiling the show. I use the same format as AnimePlanet's review system.
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! is an anime that aired this past season and while the initial premise really pulled me in, its inability to provide thought provoking plot twists and just a sheer amount of unnecessary content really dragged it down.

Story: 3/10
So like I stated above this show actually had a pretty interesting concept. The show revolves around Shougo who is to become the head of his deceased father’s company. In order to do so however he must complete a guideline set forth by his father. This guideline demands that Shougo must attend a certain high school, attract a mate, and marry before taking his spot as the head of the company (what an awesome dad). I didn't have a problem with this premise at all; in fact I thought just by hearing that first it could be an interesting harem. The story’s conflict arises early on when someone begins posting as his ill legitimate sister which could affect his position with the company. This is again another great idea to make the story more interesting. Where it goes wrong however is when it accuses every female character of being his sister. It’s also very easy (at least for me) to come up with a reasonable guess on who the real sister is very early on in the series. I guess where the series goes wrong the most is how predicable it is. There are really no interesting twists or misdirection that make me think, “Wow didn’t see that coming”. Another flaw in the overall story is how much pointless content is included in the middle episodes. I kind of feel like there was a struggle to make episodes the required length in episodes five through nine before the final “twist” was introduced. The show leads up to the final episode and in all honesty I felt like it was a letdown. Overall the story had a chance to bring something new to the harem genera but it ended up not hitting its intended marks.

Animation: 8.5/10
One great thing about this show is the stunning animation. Everything appears in very light colors and the use of reflections is done very well. The character models are all pretty detailed for both the main cast and some of the extras in the backgrounds. The scenery is colored much of the same way helping to keep the mood of the current scene. The main settings for the show, the school, Shougo’s room, and the cafĂ© are all very detailed each time we are present.
Sound: 7/10
I am usually very picky on sound since most of my spare time is spent recording music or just listening to different genres. The music of this anime while not amazing is still pretty enjoying and helped set up some interesting scenes. The voice actors also did a pretty good job matching the personalities of their characters.

Characters: 6.3/10
This category is hard to score because while some of the characters did grow on me, every one of them are pretty generic. You have your elitist, airhead, tomboy, and cosplayer. We have all seen these roles countless times in other anime so why should we bother with these empty shells? That’s what I first thought when introduced to each character but to my surprise I actually grew to like some of these characters due to some character development. While some of them where pretty much cast aside without any development (Mana) most of the cast received one to three episode character arcs that pretty much set up why they fall for Shougo. The show should have done a better job fully utilizing the cast but overall they did a good enough job.

Overall: 6.2/10
While it isn’t a masterpiece, if you can look past some boring parts that lead to nowhere, predictable plot twists, and a forgettable anticlimactic ending, this show may offer you something worthwhile. There are some really good, sweet moments and some great animation and sound to be found here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anime Currently Watching (October 2012)

Its October which means Halloween is close by! I don't know about you but Halloween is the only holiday where college students have just as much fun as they did as a child. Anyways going to be watching a lot of different anime until I find some that I like that have just started airing. This is what I have so far:

Little Busters! 4 out of ?
Kamisama Hajimemashita 4 out of ?
To Love-Ru: Darkness 4 out of ?
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 4 out of ?
Sword Art Online 17 out of ?
Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne 4 out of ?
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 3 out of ?
K 1 out of ?
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 1 out of ?
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity has Declined) 12 out of 12 Finished!!
Gintama (2011 season) 16 out of 51 Stalled
Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape 1 out of 22 Stalled
Yuru Yuri (season 2) 12 out of 12 Finished!!
Tari Tari 8 out of 13 Stalled
Sket Dance 2 out of 77 Dropped

I have been VERY lazy with Tari Tari and Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita because I am very close to losing interest in them and I do not know why. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was quite funny but I feel that the complete lack of a flowing plot is making me put it off while Tari Tari is just boring. Yeah its really sweet, looks and sounds great, and has great characters but I just feel bored when watching it. No matter what though I will finish them so I can at least put my thoughts down. Please recommend any new airing anime because I really haven't research what is coming out.

Edit 1:
Dropped Tari Tari because I have literally no urge to finish it. Also the anime version of Sket Dance proved to be quite boring but the manga is very well done. Picked up To Love-Ru: Darkness, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape because they all look like they have a lot of potential to be interesting shows. In addition to these shows, I decided to start trying to finish the 2011 season of Gintama. I absolutely love Gintama but when I was watching it awhile back, I just burned myself out.