Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Talk: "Kannagi"

So I unexpectedly finished Kannagi today and decided to quickly jot down my thoughts while they are fresh on my mind. While I enjoyed the first half of the show I cannot help but feel as if the final few episodes...sucked.

Sucked may be too harsh of a word...maybe unfaithful to the mood of the first eight episodes is a better way of putting it. In the beginning, the show is pretty much your normal high school slice of life style anime. The main characters (Jin and Nagi) work really well with each other. One is somewhat a realist while the other is aloof. Every interaction between these two character was very enjoyable to watch (minus a scene or two). Even the supporting cast was scripted and used brilliantly throughout the entire show. They didn't steal the spotlight but introduced new ideas into the plot. Each side character is interesting and not generic. Everything was going so well until we reached the final obstacle for Jin. Without trying to spoil anything important, basically there was a fight between Jin and Nagi and she runs off. Now the part about her running away is fine, its the reason why she does that is just so ridiculous. The reason is...stupid, insignificant, and petty. A similar event happens in the middle of the show where Jin accidentally does something that offends Nagi and she locks herself in the closet. Once again a very stupid thing and she overreacts but due to the comedy that followed that particular fight, the scene was acceptable. The ending of the show however has way too many emotions flying and was overly dramatic (just like the ending to The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya). There is just...so much crying and bla-bla-bla at the end that in my honest opinion is completely ludicrous. All in all though, after all the bulls#!$ emotions are done and dealt with, the anime finishes off on a pretty good note.

Ugh I rant too much; even with the shortcomings of the ending, it is still a very good good anime.Its visuals are pretty good and the sound is also very decent. Its a good anime; go watch it the next time you are in the mood for a slice of life story.

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