Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Sword Art Online" (anime) episodes 6-7 thoughts

It seems that after finishing episode seven, episode eight will finally return back to the first volume of the light novel. Episodes two (maybe it started with three) through seven have all taken place within the extra side stories found in volume two of the light novel series. At the end of episode seven however, we see that Asuna and Kirito have finally started to show signs of their likeness for each other. In the light novel series, after Kirito leaves Klein in the beginning, the story jumps pretty far forward to a point where Kirito and Asuna are very close. My hopes are that episode eight will pick up here and stay faithful to the rest of the original source material.

So episode six was the conclusion to the whole assassin killing peeps in town thingy. The real culprit behind everything was no real surprise and the ending seemed to be achieved too easily. It was however still enjoying to watch. The animation is still very well done as well as the sound of the anime. I am really starting to enjoy the voice actors much more especially Asuna's.

Episode seven revolved around the blacksmith Lizbeth which like so many characters we have met the last couple episodes, plays no major part what-so-ever in what happens in the main story. I did not like her personality and overall I felt like she was robbing screen time from the characters that we are supposed to be investing feelings for. The episode was pretty boring and will be one that I forget pretty quickly. Great animation and sound though plus we get to see Kirito do some fancy sword fighting stuff.

So like I stated before this is the point where the show should start to get really interesting because if memory serves me right I believe all the side/extra content is out of the way. All that is left is the main story found in volume one of the light novel. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.

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