Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Tari Tari" episodes 1-5 thoughts

After finishing Fate/Stay Night, I started looking for a new show to pick up on since everything I had been watching before was currently airing. I wanted to find a completed show so that I wouldn't be limited on what pace I had to take but while on Crunchyroll I stumbled upon Tari Tari. The thing that drew me in at first was the animation because the main character Konatsu looked very similar to Ohana from Hana-saku Iroha. Then I started to realize that they acted very similar as well...and all the character interactions in both shows follow a very similar style...and that they were made by the same animation studio (P.A. Works). After episode three I could already tell that this show is just Hana-saku Iroha but about singing, horseback riding, and badminton. It has that same feel of Hana-saku Iroha; heck even the scenes and character interactions are a direct mirror to Hana-saku Iroha style. Now this by no means a bad thing its just the show did not try very hard to not show the similarities.

So the first couple episodes set up the characters quite well; Konatsu is part of the choir but is benched because she really f$#^ed it up in the previous year's recital. To fulfill her desire to sing, she gathers friends Sawa, Taichi, Wakana, and Wien to form a new choir club. The show is essentially a slice-of-life set in their high school years (never seen that before -___-). In all honesty it should feel generic...but it doesn't. The characters feel real and stand out of the crowed when compared to other anime in the same genera. Konatsu is strong willed and will do anything to achieve her goals. Taichi's desire to become the best badminton (lol) is actually fun to watch because he isn't half a$$ed on his effort. My favorite character Wien is a transfer student and although he does not know the customs very well, he is always there to help out everyone with everything he has. The show has such a well written cast that pretty much every episode is enjoyable no matter what is going on. As far as the story, the show is moving towards a main goal but it is sure taking its time to do so. Most of the episodes do feel fillerish but that is just the nature of slice-of-life shows. The animation so far is really nice. It's crisp, clear, vibrant, and beautiful. Scenery and character models have great colors and clarity.

But by far the best thing the show has been doing is exploring each character. Each person in this show has something motivating and/or holding them back. You learn early on that Wakana misses her mother very much and that although she thinks getting rid of important things that remind her of her mother, she begins to mourn. Taichi strives to be the best badminton player but is constantly having to face obstacles to even play because the school won't even allow him to have a club unless there are 4 other members.

Overall the show is great and I really hope it continues to explore the characters more and more. Even though I was looking for a completed anime, I am glad to have found another great, sit back and relax type anime to enjoy. I will be following this one till the very end.

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