Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Kokoro Connect" episodes 1-5 thoughts

You will not believe the dialogue in this scene lol

Kokoro Connect is slowly but surly becoming one of my favorite anime made in the past couple years. While the premise at first seemed completely ludicrous (the ability to instantly be transferred into another person's body), it is providing this show with some very well done and interesting scenes that revolve around touch subjects.

So: characters. All the main characters so far have at least one issue that makes them unique to everyone else in the show.

Himeko has trust issues, Iori is going through an identity crisis, and Yui has androphobia (fear of men).

All these issues are confronted due to the whole body switching thing-a-ro. Taichi, our main male character, so far in most of the episodes has helped each female with their problem. What makes the show interesting is that while Taichi might be talking to Yui about her androphobia issues, she might be in Iori's body. A very interesting issue popped up in episode 5 when after the gang was told Iori was going to die from the bridge fall, she kisses Taichi while in Himeko's body. After they find out from the doctors that Iori will actually live, Himeko approaches Taichi about stealing her first kiss when she wasn't even there to experience it. This body switching has helped insue some very interesting scenes that are both comedic and/or dramatic.

The biggest thing going for Kokoro Connect so far is just how interesting each episode has been. It just seems as if each episode escalates in excitement and tension. I really hope that this level of awesomeness keeps going throughout the rest of the season. It has been a very long time since a anime has had me wanting more and more after each release.

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