Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Humanity Has Declined" (anime) episodes 1-4 thoughts

I came across Humanity Has Declined (known as Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita in Japan) when one of my friends showed me this video:

I was...taken back at how random it was thus was the beginning of my quest to watch one of the funniest anime I have experienced so far in my life.

The show apparently takes place where human society is on a downward fall. The show seems lighthearted and joyful but there are many hints at very depressing facts that are present. Mediator, our main character has a unique way at looking at life and her interactions with Assistant are quite funny. Assistant is a mute who apparently is understood by Mediator with out the use of talking to one another. He has a very dark humor shown in the video below:

The characters in this anime are very well done and all of their interactions are enjoyable. The animation is very unique looking because all the character models are not eye candy but the way the backgrounds look in each scene are pretty awesome. It is overall a great looking anime in my honest opinion. Sound wise the opening theme is way too addictive and the voice actors are pretty good.

So episode one is mostly an introduction to the characters and it starts off a two episode story arc on how the town will produce more food for everyone. There are so many parts that are very morbid but like I stated before it is masked by very crude but funny jokes. Episode two puts our characters in a factory that seemed to have been made overnight. Mediator's thoughts are that the fairies (they haven't really explained them but they seem to be hanging out everywhere and they help Mediator when she provides sweets) made the factory and are running it. The episode ends with a very fun chase with some epic orchestral music. Episode three and four deal with the fallen human art of manga being revitalised by an acquaintance of Mediator named Y. Episode five takes place inside a manga panel and Y, Mediator, and Assistant must make story in order to be able to leave.

I didn't want to spoil anything in the episodes because I really want everyone to go give this anime a shot. It is seriously the funniest show I have seen in my life; the very depressing and morbid themes in this anime are just covered up by situational humor that will make you think, " just happened?". I am on episode five and I cannot wait to get home from work tomorrow to watch it.

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