Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Kono Naka ni Hitori" (anime) episode 5 thoughts

With episode five finally being released, I felt that the show would somehow start to lose my interest. the first couple episodes showed a little bit of tension because of the whole "I could be your sister" thing between the two main girls. I had thought that this plot device would be over since they found out who was pulling the prank but now it seems to be back...The idea now is that since he revealed the story to the other three girls in the student counsel room, it could be one of them or just some random person that was listening in. Episode five focuses on Mei the witch dressing shop keeper.

The episode opens up with a call from Shougo dear little sister. He is dumbfounded that someone else he knows could be his sister and with that the beginning credits show. At this point I kind of *facepalm* myself because I was hoping that this whole sister thing would pass. But hey the source material apparently has this going on for awhile so I'll get over it. After some time Shougo is countlessly getting tired at school so after running into Mei in the hallway she offers Shougo a bed to sleep in during lunch hour. They fall asleep but Shougo apparently cannot once in his life not get turned on by a sleeping girl. He gets up and finds the same type/model phone that the little sister apparently uses to modulate her voice.

That's the gist of the episode, another person added to the list of possible sisters (beginning to think that they all might be his sisters lol). This episode while somewhat entertaining did not really strike me the same way the previous four. It could possibly be because I do not particularly like Mei's personality or that because we do not see Miyabi or Konoe very much. If I could praise one thing about this episode it would be the animation. I haven't seen a decrease of quality which for some anime becomes a problem the longer it airs. The scene inside the sister cafe was actually quite well done.

Overall a meh episode; hopefully we get to some of the other characters soon because I am looking forward to seeing how Rinka's personality plays out.

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