Monday, March 18, 2013

"Tamako Market" Episodes 1-10 Thoughts

So while on spring break I had some time to sit around and look for anime since we had some bad weather on a couple occasions. One that I stumbled across was Tamako Market and boy am I glad that I did. This show has the unique qualities of pretty much making you feel happy and joyful after each episode no matter your feelings before you clicked play. This is slice-of-life done correctly and very well.

So the first episode of Tamako Market really pulled me in from the get go because I fell in love with two things; the animation and the bird Dela. The show starts off with a monologue from Dela as he tries to understand the situation he is currently in. He somehow winds up in a florist’s shop in Japan and is taken in by Tamako. As the day progresses we learn that Dela is on a mission to find his prince a bride. Oh by the way the bird talks…So after all that was done, Dela decides to stay with the Kitashirakawa (try saying that three times fast) family for a little while. It's his almighty and bossy attitude that really makes him a fun character to watch. Also for whatever reason I really like his voice actor. What ensues over the next nine episodes is a series of events that while are connected to each other, they do not really need prior knowledge to understand what is going on. For this I bring up how much it reminds me of Aria’s formula. Aria was a three season anime that literally followed three girls around on their daily routines. Even though we only saw their monotonous activities, the way the characters interacted with each other was such a joy and relaxing experience that it was the perfect rainy/bad day anime to watch. Back to Tamako Market; this show has the same exact qualities because the characters are such a joy to watch. The daily activities that revolve around Tamako, Mochizou, Midori, Kanna, and Dela are all just interesting. Call it fanboyism but this show doesn’t need a super interesting plot or godsend action; it is self-sustainable with what it shows off. So other than the just interesting nature of the show, it does provide great visuals and a fun soundtrack. The character models are very well drawn and all the action orientated scenes flow nicely. Backgrounds look great and the lip syncing seems to be done quite well. The music that they decided to use during the show is very fitting towards what is going on. The opening song is VERY catchy and was stuck in my head after seeing it the first time. 
The characters like I have stated already are all very interesting to watch. The main character Tamako is an airhead but always acts with a positive intent. Her friends Kanna and Midori are good sources of character development and interaction. Mochizou plays the childhood friend that lives across the way who has a hidden crush on Tamako (basically the Chiwa from OreShura of this show). We are introduced to more characters as the show progresses including the other shop keepers of the market and Dela’s master Choi who comes in search for Dela. 
This is how I looked after I watched all ten available episodes back to back
I really don’t know how to sell this anime to you; if you are looking for something to watch that doesn’t require a lot of focusing then this is the perfect anime for you. It’s not trying to wow you; it’s just here to make you feel happy and I ensure you that you will find it funny and entertaining. I will be reviewing this show once it finishes airing.

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