Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo" Episodes 17-21 Thoughts

“Wow” is the first word that came into mind after finishing up episode twenty-one of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. I find “wow” a fitting adjective because the past couple episodes have been both excellent and a little over dramatic at the same time (but hey most anime is like that). The events that have transpired in these closing parts of the show have really brought up some real heart cringing moments.

So if you haven’t watched the episodes yet I advise you go do so because even though I am going to skim to the important stuff I don’t want to spoil anything. Essentially what has been transpiring in the final episodes of this anime (assuming that it is going to be a twenty-four episode anime there is only three episodes left) has really brought up a couple lingering central issues that has been present since the beginning of the show; the circumstances revolving around Mashiro and which female character needs Sorata (not in a sexual manner but as a dire necessity). Mashiro was sentenced to live at Sakurasou and not the regular dormitories because it was thought that she would be able to focus more on her artwork. What unfortunately happened (from the perspective of the school board) was she decided to make a career move towards creating manga which put her traditional artwork schedule on hold. She also began to question what she really wants to draw and more importantly why. This puts pressure on the school which in turn decides to commission the demolition of Sakurasou which in turn will require Mashiro to live in the normal dormitories separating her from the people at Sakurasou that seem to be distracting her. In their best efforts to petition the demolition, the group seems to have unfortunately fallen short (not sure apparently the last day was the day the current episode left off on) of the required amount of signatures needed to hold a meeting with the school supervisors. Mix this with Nanami not getting into voice acting school AND Sorata not getting through to the final meeting for his game design and we now have the current situation of overflowing emotions. This is electrified when Sorata opens a letter from the company he was working with addressed to Mashiro asking her to join the company that just turned him down. He once again misplaces his anger (just like earlier on in the season) towards Mashiro like a dumbass. The main concept of this plot device is that if Mashiro never came to Sakurasou, then the building wouldn’t be scheduled to be demolished and Sorata wouldn’t be throwing a hissy fit (even though it was Mashiro’s artwork for his game idea that really got him through the first door). I kind of saw this coming and I find it an interesting way of introducing tension into the anime. This show has proven to be very enjoyable and teeth cringing at the same time (which is hard to do). It HAS proven to be a little melodramatic especially in the recent episodes but it isn’t to the point where it becomes distracting like in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (don’t hate me…).

Now on to the fangirl (in my case fanboy) concerns on who really needs Sorata. Both Mashiro and Nanami both give valid arguments to why they should “have” Sorata. Starting with Mashiro she practically cannot live without Sorata because she is a very dysfunctional human being who cannot even dress herself. She also gives Sorata strength to achieve his ambitions (even if he forgets this). Nanami shares a similar need for Sorata except that she can hold her own since she has been working in her spare time and has a goal she wants to achieve. She has though had feelings for Sorata for quite some time and in the current episode demonstrates that at the current moment she desperately needs him for moral support. Also they share the commonality of working extremely hard towards one goal and falling flat on their face (hehe). In my honest opinion, I would love to see Sorata end up with Nanami because she is a very likable character, has good values, has a great shy personality, and (ignore this part) is by far the more appealing character looks wise. She is a character that you just want to hold tight and say “It’s going to be ok” (MOE). I’m not saying that I do not like Mashiro but I would definitely chose Nanami over her (Sorata you lucky bastard). This demonstrates how good the show really is when you don’t despise a character but actually cannot decide who to like more.
This is cute...
This show is quite amazing and I have to say that I am very glad I picked it up last anime season. Please if you have spare time on your hands please try this show out. It is a slice of life show that has amazing character development and it really takes off after the initial episodes.

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