Sunday, October 14, 2012

"To Love-Ru: Darkness" (Anime) Episodes 1-2 thoughts

Ahh its here...the thing I have been dreading and for some reason, been waiting for. While I have found the manga version VASTLY superior in most cases, To Love-Ru: Darkness has me rethinking that philosophy. It is finally here in anime form and after the first two episodes, I can guarantee you will receive the same experience as the first season. To Love-Ru has always been kind of a guilty pleasure that I go back to when I am extremely bored. I began reading the manga about a year ago because I literally could not find anything else to read and I was taking a break from anime. I somehow found myself enjoying because it had:
  1. Raunchy humor
  2. Likeable characters
  3. Great artwork
When I heard it was going to receive an anime adaptation, I had mixed feelings but overall I was looking forward to a faithful adaptation of the manga. We did receive a faithful adaptation but the anime had not given me a lasting impression like the manga did. With this new season of To Love-Ru: Darkness however, the new characters (mostly Momo) have me actually enjoying the anime more than the manga.

In case you need a refresher on what the hell is going on, Rito our male lead has pretty much wrapped every major female lead around him because he made an accidental confession to...everyone at once. Thus enter To Love-Ru: Darkness, which I can assure you retains all the raunchy humor and nice "visuals" as the previous season. Most people do watch this for those "visuals" but I find myself on the weird end of the spectrum watching the show for the humor and the general flow of the show. My favorite character Momo really steals the show in my honest opinion with all her scheming.

Visually and aurally, the anime has done quite well in the first episodes. The animation is very well done as the character models are quite refined and the background shots with the moonlight and sunlight are all very well done. Being To Love-Ru, all the weird camera angles that show the "important views" return and most things are censored due to the laws over in Japan. Most people are crying and whining about this but like I said, I'm one of those weird guys that is watch an ecchi anime for the things that doesn't make it ecchi.

I can say that as long as the anime follows the manga, I will stick with it. Fingers crossed that it doesn't turn too generic.

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