Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Little Busters!" (Anime) Episodes 3-4 Thoughts

So since my last post on Little Busters! I have found out that it is indeed based off of a visual novel; one made by Key in matter of fact. So this means that the creators of the anime will have a lot of freedom when determining who the main character will pursue. This also means that since it is derived from a visual novel, it is a romance…-___-. Now I do not have anything against romance anime or anime based off of visual novels but I was kind of hoping this was going to be a slice of life anime that was not going to be centered on finding love.

After my dreams were crushed, I hoped onto everyone’s favorite web site, Google to find out more about the visual novel. It had some very favorable reviews so I decided to give it a shot and was mildly entertained.Not as good as the Maji de Watashi ni KoiShinasai!! visual novel but not horrible either. So I can say after completing a few of the routes in the VN that I cannot determine Riki (the main character) is going to choose in the anime. I’ve been told the common route in the game leads to Komari but I haven’t seen enough of the anime to say who he is leaning towards the most.

So I’m going to stop bringing up the VN for now because I want to talk just about the show; not how different of similar it is to the source material. Episodes two through four introduce pretty much the main cast of the show (minus one we haven’t met yet). These new characters are Haruka(the mischievous loud mouth), Kud (the Loli favorite), and Yuiko (the cold fighter).  Haruka was my favorite character from the VN and her personality seems intact in the anime while Yuiko is somewhat desirable in the anime. The story so far is the formation of the baseball team and the recruitment of the remaining players for the team. There have been some funny moments so far but overall the show is starting to feel a little stale. While the plot is moving (somewhat) it isn’t being presented very well. Most of the episodes don’t have a lot of “pizzazz”. Hopefully once we get to the meat of the story it will open up and become more interesting because at the moment it just isn’t very interesting.

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