Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Sword Art Online" (Anime) Episode 17 Thoughts

Kirito beats up Lyfa's (his sister in real life) attackers, Lyfa teaches Kirito how to fly much more efficiently, she shows Kirito her race's hometown, and the two decided on venturing towards the World Tree. We also are introduced to both Asuna and Sugou's characters in ALO. One thing I can tell you about this particular arc is that while the first arc (SAO) lacked a person we were all supposed to hate from the beginning, it is very apparent that you should hate Sugou's guts. The way the creators of the anime have brought forth Sugou is actually much better than I initially thought they would. When reading the short novel, I envisioned him as a very evil person but when we first met him in the hospital in the anime, I was blown away at how he was presented. You kind of just knew by the first conversation that he was going to be one evil dude.

So as I suspected the pacing for this show is going to continue down the path the previous arc set forth. This is unfortunate news for us (the viewers) because it means it will be quite a long time before we see Kirito anywhere near the world tree unless the studio decides to cut out a lot of content. I do have to thank the studio once more for being so faithful to the orginal short novel. Mostly everything has matched up to what I remember reading in the short novel a couple months ago. The animation is also insanely crisp in this episode. The scenes that take place in ALO are simply some of the best animation I have ever seen; everything is so detailed and it has some of the best lighting in anime.

So sorry for the short post, I might go back to posting every two or three episodes so I can refrain from these short and non-descriptive posts.

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