Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Little Busters!" (Anime) Episode 1-2 thoughts

Little Busters is an anime that when I first saw the synopsis, I kind of shrugged off and decided I would return to in the future. After a couple of weeks though, the internet provided some arguments on whether the show was cleverly interesting and cute, or just generic. I don't like relying on others opinions to help form my own so I decided to go ahead and pick this series up so that I can formulate my own thoughts while not allowing outside sources to sway me. At first glance, this anime does feel and look generic because the first episode follows suit and does only one thing; introduce the characters in a boring fashion. We are handed each character for an amount of screen time, there is a flashback, nothing special here. The second episode introduces Komari who if I may make a foreshadowing attempt, will become Riki's love interest. Now I have no idea if that is even close at all because I have not researched the source material (I think it was a game first?). But yeah characters; other than Riki we have, Masato (muscle guy), Kyousuke (the brains...kind of), Komari who I just mentioned, Kengo (opposite of Masato), and Rin (the introvert school idol). So far, the characters actually seem pretty interesting and not so cookie cutter personality wise. My favorite character so far by a long shot is Rin because while she is the school's idol and extroverted around her friends, seeing her struggle with day to day conversations with other students is fun to watch due to her reactions.

Next on the list is animation; its pretty dang good. The characters models are defined well enough but one thing I have noticed that really sticks out are the facial expressions. The one-on-one scenes between Riki and Rin are especially apparent because the expressions Rin gives draws out her honest feelings. It sounds weird and I just may be giving the show too much credit but when I first watched the second episode, the scene where Rin is outside with the cats was a really well done scene animation wise.

Sound so far is what you expect for a modern day anime, great voice actors that have been recorded fairly well. The background music has done its job because while I don't notice it over what is going on, it doesn't steal my attention away from the plot. It's not amazing but it does it's job well.

Other than what I have already said, this anime looks like it has potential to be my sleeper pick this season. I cannot comment on the plot because well..its only been two episodes but I hope it flourishes into something unique (which seems to be very hard for modern day anime and manga to accomplish).

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