Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!" thoughts (up to episode 11)

 So when I first started watching this anime I was genuinely enjoying it because although it didn't possess a groundbreaking plot it had very likable characters and I liked the direction the anime was moving. When episode eleven rolled on by however, I really had to think about why I was still bothering to watch this anime. What started out as a somewhat interesting romantic comedy based around a harem setting is quickly unfolding to become one of the most boring, generic, and predictable anime I have seen in recent years.

So starting out with the good points that this anime still has, we have great animation. While it is not mind blowingly great, it's color scheme is very pleasant to look at. All the characters have literally "shining" looks thanks to some reflections on their bodies, clothes, and hair. It's not just the main cast that looks great; even the extras that we see on the side lines are pretty well developed. The voice acting is also pretty good. Normally I get pretty annoyed with a character that plays as the always mad and whines a lot but I haven't found myself hating Miyabi yet. The characters may have their cliche roles but I still like the whole cast. I could honestly be happy with whoever Shougo ends up with.

Unfortunately that is all the positives I have...on to the negatives! The show has become mind numbingly predictable. It started at around episode three and continued all the way until the present release of episode eleven. Being predictable is not always a bad thing in an anime such as this one but when it gets to a point where I can literally plan out the episode in my head...and it comes out to be very similar to what happens, then s*** gets real and s*** gets boring. I mean every time we focus on a new girl or someone is introduced it is so obvious what their intentions are and if they are true to their personality. Also not a lot happens in each episode. Yes each episode is like twenty whatever minutes long but I feel like way too much time is wasted in every scene on non important items.

Ugh I am really hoping this anime makes a huge rebound and has a very awesome ending because at the rate it is going, I find myself giving it average remarks. With such great animation, I just see how this anime could get so boring so quickly.

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