Friday, September 28, 2012

"Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!" (Anime) Final Thoughts

Well with episode twelve concluding this season (in all honesty hopefully the series), I can finally let out everything I have been wanting to say about the show. I can tell you right off the bat that I am pretty pissed that it was so easy to see who would be the girl in question and how uneventful the ending would be. I kept hoping for something to completely blindside me and catch me off guard but what I got instead was a generic harem that looks good (hey just like Campione! -___-).

 So I really, really, really wanted to like this show because underneath all the crap it gives, there are some characters that I really liked and wanted to see more of. In case you did not know, the show revolves around Shougo who is to become the head of his deceased father's company. In order to do so however he must complete a guideline set forth by his father. This guideline demands that Shougo must attend a certain high school, attract a mate, and marry before taking his spot as the head of the company (what an awesome dad). I didn't have a problem with this premise at all; in fact I thought just by hearing that first it could be an interesting harem. Where the show goes wrong is when they introduce the issue he must face; someone at his school that he might fall in love with may be his ill legitimate sister. So he is going to school in order to get som-...err I mean find a soul mate and this said sole mate may be his sister...awkward.

So the show does shine in certain areas. For one thing I was really digging the animation style. Everything appeared to be very lightly colored and there were many reflections used on clothing, items, and hair. Each character's model was very detailed and looked stunning. Another great part of the show was the ambient soundtrack used in the backgrounds of the scenes. While it is something usually overlooked, it really started to grow on me throughout the entire season. Both the animation and sound really helped (and tried to pull this mess out of the water) make the show somewhat watchable.

So cons; EXTREMELY PREDICTABLE, long drawn out episodes with no point, some generic characters, and crappy pacing. The show was by far the easiest thing to predict what was going to happen. I kid you not by episode four I could honestly tell you which one the sister was. Next con was the content of each episode. While some were actually interesting and fun to watch, by the middle of the season we start to see some episodes where not a lot is going on and I kind of felt like they were just throwing in long pointless conversations in order to get to that twenty minute mark. This season could of span to ten episodes if not for some of the really pointless scenes. Next was something that honestly didn't bother me too much; some generic characters. You had your typical elitist that thinks everything is entitled to her (Rinka) and the typical airhead that seems stoned out of her freaking mind (Mana) but other than those two, the rest of the cast (no matter how generic) were given enough character development that I actually cared for them even if I had seen them in like twenty other anime. Lastly the pacing was very off towards the end of the show. Like I stated before some episodes felt like just pointless conversations over and over again in the middle episodes. By episode ten however the show makes a mad dash to fit in content so that we could have a suitable ending. I didn't understand why they did not just spread some of the content out a little more so that the ending didn't seem so clusterf***ed.

I know how you feel bro; it's hard understanding why you would lose sleep when you have two girls sleeping w/ you -___-
No matter how many times I try to analyze this show, the negatives just always out weigh the positives. While the show is impressive to look and listen to, the predictable plot, long pointless conversations, and lack of give-a-s***conflicts just made me wish I had directed my attention to some other shows instead. I won't recommend it but if you are out of options you can give it a try. I feel though that it will not stick after a couple weeks as it is a very forgettable show.

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