Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Campione!" (Anime) Final Thoughts

One anime I picked up pretty late into the season was Campione!. I didn't dedicate any posts to it because my watching schedule for it was so sporadic at times. What ended up happening was I watched the first couple episodes the first night then just recently I did a marathon (while waiting for swtor to update patch 1.4 -___-) to finish off the remaining episodes. What started out with some potential unfortunately sizzled into a super generic harem with a generic protagonist that cannot make up his mind on who he wants to stick it in with.

Oh look another harem...haven't seen that a million times -__-

Our main character Godou at first glance isn't so bad. He is a normal person in the beginning of this story on a mission to return a stone tablet that has been in his family's history. When he meets Erica however, everything changes drastically in his life. Godou essentially becomes one of these beings that are in charge of keeping order in the world. Where the anime starts to venture into the generic harem scene is how his "powers" are awaken. It just so happens that he "has" to make out with what ever female warrior/priest/whoever is around to awaken his "super finishing move thingies". I guess this wouldn't be so bad if at least one of the female leads were somewhat interesting. The other main characters Liliana and Yuri are just stereotypical in their roles as, the introvert who has never had a cell phone but of course falls madly in love with our main character and the reserved but totally horny warrior that just needed to be forced into a situation to realize that she totally wants your d***. All of these characters do not really give or show any reason why they would want to marry our main character Godou except for the fact that they just do. This is bad storytelling and when you have an uneventful plot it makes it very hard to find any way to enjoy such a show.

Oh you didn't hear? That's how all the cool kids relay information these days

Redeeming qualities are the animation and sound. The animation is actually quite good as the fight scenes are very fluid and keep a great level of detail. The "power up" scenes are also done very well so if you are just in this for the babes and make out scenes well there you go. The voice actors are all recording fairly well and I actually like all of the voice actors in general. The music is by no means a masterpiece of a score but it fits well whiten the anime.

Yes...kill him so no one else can waste their time on this s***

With lackluster characters and plot, the great sounding and looking anime Campione! just didn't catch for me. I wanted to like it because the first episode showed promise but hey I have gotten very accustomed to not getting my hopes up with today's anime. With a new season of anime starting to air soon hopefully something great will catch my eye. Overall I say avoid this one unless there isn't anything else to watch. A very forgetful anime if you ask me.

Yes I'm sorry too that I let your innocence drag me into wasting 12 episodes

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