Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pokemon X and Y brings my Pokemon Trainer days to an end

So it was just announced recently that the next generation of Pokemon games will not be available for the DS. The next games will require a 3DS which has continued to let me down with horrible games to accompany the system. I have loved Pokemon since I was a child but I refuse to dish out +$200 for a system just to play one game. The new direction of the game also has me a little worried for the future of the franchise. The game will sport a new 3D environment with an isometric camera angle. This will replace the camera and animation styling of all the games that came before it. Also the title, “X and Y” (representing the X and Y axis) is clever but in my honest opinion not suitable names for a Pokemon game.

 I am sure many people are happy with the charge to the 3DS but this marks the end of my Pokemon journey. It all started with Red version then Silver followed by Ruby, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver (my favorite out of the bunch), White, and Black 2. It has been a great run and I thank the developer for providing a quality game for each release. I wish the best for the developer, Nintendo, and Pokemon. I will just stick with the amazing Pokemon Adventure Special manga that takes the characters and settings of the Pokemon games for my entertainment in the Pokemon universe.
Goodbye you crazy kids who enslave creatures against their will and force them to fight your battles!

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