Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Da Capo III" Episodes 1-3 and "Little Busters" Episodes Who Cares-14 Thoughts

Well today’s post is going to contain the two currently airing anime that I honestly do not care for very much. Each season has their own generic and boring anime; this time it’s Da Capo III and by some miracle Little Busters is still airing…
So let’s talk Da Capo III first; it’s a high school harem that really has not provided any shred of excitement so far. It has three episodes out as of this post so it is kind of mean to poke at it so early on but what bothers me is that a lot of people actually like this show. It is apparently a product of a long running anime series since there are multiple OVAs and tv seasons before this installment. From whom I have spoken to they say this is the best one yet…which makes me feel very scared to even imagine how awful the previous installments are. This anime seems to have the same problem Mashiro-Iro Symphony: The Color of Lovers had; it’s just boring. There have been no plot elements introduced so far that have shaken up the characters or caused some sort of event/conflict. Yes there is a rivalry between the “legit” newspaper club and the “other” newspaper club but the characters in both clubs are just boring. If you have boring characters, no one will give a s#!t what happens to them. Even the main characters (you know, the ones that we are supposed to be rooting for) are generic, big boobed boring blobs. I hate just ranting on how boring it is but if an anime causes me to fall asleep…MULTIPLE times then I am sorry something is wrong. The animation is…ok and the voice actors seem pretty good…Yeah those are the positives. I’m not sure if I am going to stick this series out or drop it…just taking up space on my hard drive.
Now for an anime adaptation based off of a pretty enjoyable visual novel to be generic is quite a bold statement to make. Unfortunately this is the case (for me at least) for Little Busters. While the anime is following pretty closely to the game, it just does not have that “spark” the visual novel has. The anime’s characters seem like a shadow of what they are in the VN and the main character Riki is almost unbearable to listen to. His high pitched voice just makes me want to watch this anime on mute. But then I would miss out on one of the actual good things about the show, the music. The music is taken straight from the game which is a very nice touch. It’s a mixture of light piano songs with some orchestral stuff thrown in. It helps make the anime feel relaxed and carefree. Another positive is SOME of the supporting cast. Masato, Yuiko, and Haruka pretty much make the show watchable. Their interactions with Riki are the only highlights of the show with the other characters really bringing down the overall experience. Other than the sound and very few good characters, the anime falls very short of the VN (so far). I will stick with this series since I loved the VN so much but I’m not expecting the ending to bring this anime back from the dead.


  1. I hate how you bash Da Capo without having even watched the other TWO WHOLE seasons and there are only 3 maximum episodes you've watched. You act like you know everything about it and are disappointed meanwhile if actually had watched the other 2 seasons you would have seen the foreshadowing. What an ignorant attitude, the kind that's so common and annoying!!!!

  2. First off calm down. I'm sorry that I am bashing the show but what it comes down to is if something causes me to fall asleep, then in MY OPINION it's not very good. Now I have a high tolerance for shows that don't have a lot going on (Spice and Wolf, Aria, Yuru Yuri, ext) but if the characters are not very interesting then the show goes to s#!t. Now I'm not dropping the show because I do want it to get better and I really hope it does. I'm not giving it a review here just talking about my OPINIONS of the first three episodes. Thanks for stopping by.