Monday, September 30, 2013

"Kampfer" Anime Review

 ***Spoiler free review***
Well I have to be honest; I knew exactly what I was getting into when I started watching Kampfer. I was told it was a no nonsense ecchi with some serious omg female x female moments but I did manage to enjoy the show for more than the tits it showed off…asses too!

Story: 1.5/10

2 teams; red vs. blue; butt and boob shots every other scene; women who are a little too bicurious; you get the gist of the show. Wasn’t really interested in the plot at all but for what it’s worth the show did keep me interested until all hell broke loose on episode thirteen. Speaking of episode thirteen, that episode takes “Well that escalated quickly” to a whole new level.
Animation: 7/10

Pretty solid in my honest opinion. The eyes where my favorite aspect of the animation with props also going to the detail of the female character models. For a show that relies heavily on fanservice, it’s a good thing they got that right.

Sound: 5/10

Soundtrack was extremely generic and forgetful. The voice actors however did a pretty good job; while I cannot list the actors off the top of my head, I did recognize a couple from other anime I have enjoyed.

Characters: 7/10

I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this but I actually enjoyed the character interactions in this show (and no not just the sexualish stuff). The bits that played off between each character was actually pretty funny to watch in most cases. Even though I hate indecisive male leads, it sometimes pays off to have multiple romantic options.

Overall: 5.1/10

I normally do not watch ecchi shows since I like stuff with substance but I was just in one of those moods to watch this kind of crap. Funny thing is compared to other ecchi no nonsense anime (Campione! and the newest season of High School DxD) this one was actually somewhat enjoyable. If you are looking for something to watch that involves bouncing balls of fat then here you go. You might just pay attention a little bit.

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