Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Kotoura-san" and "Sasami-san@Ganbaranai" Episodes 1-7 Thoughts

First off I want to reiterate how sincerely sorry I am for being so lazy on posting here the past couple of weeks. I have been hammered (not the good kind) with projects at school and I went home last weekend for my birthday so I have really been putting these off. I will be resuming my schedule of posting at least one thing a week starting this week.

So two anime that I have kind of left in the dark, Kotoura-san and Sasami-san@Ganbaranai have recently hit the halfway point for this anime season at episode seven. I simply adore everything about Kotoura-san but still find myself on the fence with Sasami-san@Ganbaranai.
So good stuff first; Kotoura-san!!! I have been in love with this show ever since the first episode aired even if the first episode had a completely different tone than the rest of the show. I could go all fanboy on you and just say, “Alasdfkjdklj  it’s so awesome blababla” but I rather give you some concrete reasons to why it’s a good show. First things first; what the hell has been going on? The show follows Haruka who for some reason was born with the ability to read people’s minds. As she learns to harness this power however, she unfortunately blabs about every little thing she hears so she ends up telling everyone everything about each other (keep in mind she’s like five or six years old so she doesn’t know any better). These actions result in her losing all her friends and even causing her parents to divorce (ouch). All hope seems lost until she meets Yoshihisa who seems to turn her world around. Yoshihisa doesn’t mind that Haruka reads his mind and over a small period of time, their circle expands to the ESP club at their school. Within the club, Yoshihisa and Haruka meet Daichi, Yuiko, and later on Yoshihisa’s childhood friend Hiyori joins. Essentially the show quickly evolves into a “What’s the club going to do today?” sort of format. While this might provide a boring atmosphere for some viewers, it’s the character interactions that keep me coming back for more. The perverse Yoshihisa provides some hilarious moments between him and Haruka since she can pretty much see every dirty thought he has (even about other women). The show is also very slapsticky so if you are not a fan of short punchline jokes then stay far away from this show. 
On the technical side of the show, the animation is kind of hard to explain. On one hand it looks very simplistic but on the other its color template and how light reflects off of characters and objects make it look very appealing. I guess you can say it’s a generically awesome looking anime. Sound wise I love the opening song as well as the ending. Music during the show is pretty good but not Aria great. Voice actors seem to be doing a good job so no complaints there. 

Overall the show is just a blast to watch each week and with some foreseeable plot devices coming to light, I can only hope that it will continue to get better and better.
Lastly we have the very strange Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. At first I only kept watching this show for two reasons; the unique looking animation and the WTF factor. The only anime I can think of to compare it to is Humanity Has Declined. It’s odd way of presenting the information, humor, and plot is something almost straight out of Humanity Has Declined but instead of being placed in a post-World War w/e timeline, the show takes place in what appears to be a modern day Japan setting. To quickly catch you up to speed, the show takes around four episodes to actually tell you wtf is going on and why Sasami is so damn important. Sasami is essentially part of a cult (ran away but we all know that wouldn’t work out in the end) that glorifies the women and transfers superpower like abilities to them. Oh they also treat the men of the clan/cult as slaves. Sasami seems to be able to change reality around her unknowingly so that’s why Tsurugi and her gang of misfits are around to keep the piece. Other than the fix up gang and Sasami, the only recurring character is Sasami’s brother Kamiomi who she seems to have a tsundere like attitude towards and seems to also have a somewhat sexual attraction to (GEEZE NEVER SEEN THAT TYPE OF CHARACTER BEFORE -__-). Each episode seems to be somewhat self-contained and does not need any real prior knowledge to watch (other than the first couple episodes) so feel free to jump in anywhere if you want to see if you like it. If you do, make sure you then go start at episode one so you get all the little things. Technical things aside, the plot of the show is just…strange and for me not enough to keep me interested. It jumps around a lot and some episodes will take almost the entire length to see wtf is going on. But in my honest opinion you are only sticking around for the weird and also the awesome animation.
Like I stated previously, the animation in this show is quite unique looking and just very appealing (to me). Colors are bright, character models are defined but not at the same time (just like Humanity Has Declined), eyes look awesome (love me some great eye animation), and the set pieces are pretty awesome. Now that I think about it some more, this show shares a lot more things with Humanity Has Declined than just the slapstick humor. The animation style is very closely related from how the character models are drawn to even the way the eyes look. So if you liked how Humanity Has Declined looked then you are in luck here. The animation is great even though you should already know that since SHAFT are the ones animating it (Nisemonogatari, Bakemonogatari, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, need I bring up more awesome looking SHAFT anime?). Oh yeah sound; it’s good I guess?

Overall the show is just random so if you are into that kind of thing give it a shot. Animation is quite good and the noise it makes isn’t distracting.

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