Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Yuru Yuri ♪♪ (season 2)" episode 1 thoughts

Ahhh Yuru Yuri...the show that last year although I didn't want to admit, was one of my favorites of all time. As the name implies the show draws heavily on Yuri type content (pretty much girls love) which to some people can be pretty weird to endure. I find myself one of these people but I still enjoyed the show last season. The pretty animation, great voice actors, funny comedic scenes, and interesting characters made me hold though all the way to the end. This summer marks the return of Yuru Yuri and so far it is all the same (which is a good thing). All the characters (from what I can tell in the opening) are back and will play a major role in the second season. The first episode showcased Akari Akaza in her own wonderland while the girls ride on a train to a spa. Pretty much the rest of the episodes retained the odd but fun scenes that makes Yuru Yuri stand out from the other slice of life shows. An example of these scenes is when Akari accidentally hits a ping pong ball into Chinatsu's hair and moments later it gets engulfed by the hair. The reactions of the characters are priceless and make the show really funny. Yes there is Yuri content but to be honest it isn't to the point where I just cannot watch the show. Nothing is shown; everything is just suggestive themes. The first episode really brought back some great memories of the first season and I cannot wait to watch the episodes as they release.

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