Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quitting Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) for good

I would like to first off state that I have been a subscriber since day one (I did leave the game for around 2 months when Tera Online came out but I still stayed subbed to the game). I have enjoyed leveling in this MMO more than any other one I have ever played. I have cleared every raid on every difficulty (other than the recently released NiM Dread Fortress) and also both Hateful and Dreadful Entity. For the most part, the community is friendly and willing to work with whatever noobness is present on fleet. The pvp (when not broken by ridiculous class perks such as the exploding sage bubble back then) is fun and worth the grind (for some). So what has ruined it for me? PVE endgame content, shitty elite guilds, and the lack of competent players.

Free-to-play has both revitalized and ruined the game. Low population servers were surely saved by free-to-play but so many perks of earning gear has been diminished by just buying a better looking skin or mount through the in-game market (the Cartel Market). Also we got a huge flux of god awful players that did not know what a snare, cc, dot, or a raid was. This might sound rude and superficial but the more of these players you get in an MMO will diminish the quality of pug runs and the pool you go to when you need to fill an open spot on a endgame content raid team.
This is what I imagine most pugs looking like...
Secondly, raiding in SWTOR has become quite dull. They reuse cosmetic shells for endgame gear, have a very slow develop time for new raids/new difficulty levels, and do not really post a challenge (the last face hammering thing that we all enjoyed was NiM EC and the "bugged" council fight in NiM TfB. The new NiM DF is welcome but I can already foresee it being easily cleared). I took the plunge into legitimate endgame grinding right before HM EC came out so I have been in the good crowd for some time. Once you get a new difficulty level of a raid on farm, it gets quite boring very fast since the game does not offer other things to do other than pvp.  
I don't remember if this picture was during NiM TfB when the counsel fight was bugged but this was exciting hard content
This brings me to my next point, there is nothing to do once you get locked out for your endgame content for the week. Yes PvP is there but most people get bored of it very quickly or just try to avoid it entirely. Unlike in games like WoW, the devs really do not try to add events or challenges for large groups to try to accomplish. Early on in the game, they introduced an event that allowed people to get infected with the ratgoul virus and infect other people. After that they introduced the Gree Event on Ilum that actually brought people back there. These were amazing events that actually gave us shit to do. Other than those specific events however, there really isn't anything to do outside your lockouts other than to PvP (only for some) or level an alt. There are no mini-games to bide your time (implementing swoop bike races or Pazaak would be so fucking easy Bioware).  
Bugging fights is only fun the first time
Lastly, the game itself is just boring now. You still see people idling by on fleet waiting for a pug run to start or a ranked warzone to pop. People undercut the in-game market, crafting is dull, and there is no drive/desire to go explore planets other than for achievements (which is pointless to me). I have also had my fair share of shitty guilds and have determined that I'm just tired of the dramaness.

Please understand this though; out of every MMO that is currently out (not including Wildstar since it is still in beta) I have had more fun playing in this one than any other one (in a leveling and endgame content way). The leveling isn't as grindy, the classes are very fun to play (Scrapper and Dirty fighting Scoundrel, Sharpshooter Gunslinger, Combat Sentinel, and TK Sage were a blast to play). This game got the healing trees perfect in PVE offering 3 distinctive play styles and purposes for each (Sages for AOE raid healing, Scoundrels for Tank healing, and Commandos as a very effective mutt of the two). Tanking is questionable since I didn't dive too much into that but I have been told that holding agro is quite hard and requires more skill and practice than other MMO's.
For now, I'll just go catch up on the endless amounts of steam games in my library until Wildstar and Star Citizen come out.
The last heart you will see in SWTOR

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