Monday, March 24, 2014

"Sundome" Manga Review

***This is a semi non-spoiler review***

This manga was a real puzzle for me; so many people seem to praise it for many different reasons. Is it how the female lead treats the male lead like absolute s%&t and manipulates him in every chapter? I don't really know but there are some good things here.

Story: 5/10

There's a story? Well kind of; essentially we follow Hideo and Kurumi's pervy adventures in the "Roman Club" (they look for aliens). This club goes on many adventures looking for aliens for just checking out really creepy areas and of course something pervy happens between the two lovebirds in every chapter. Look I get that this is an ecchi manga but some of the fetishes are just a little too awkward to endure (and I'm pretty open minded). That aside, the manga is actually pretty fu$%ing hilarious. There were a plethora amount of moments where I was literally laughing out loud at what was going on. The author should be praised for his sense of comedy.

Art: 8/10

The manga doesn't look too bad. It has a lot of rough looking scenes but I think that was done on purpose to some degree. Both Hideo and Kurumi look defined in the more serious and "other" scenes. The quality of the scenes did seem to get better as the manga went on.

Characters: 9/10

The characters are hilarious; all of them. They do fit some of the generic roles but they work very well with each other. They all contribute a lot to the comedy aspect of the manga. Hideo and Kurumi actually had some good chemistry between them other than the whole peeing on each other thing.

Overall: 7.3/10

So I kind of enjoyed reading this manga but there is a small bit of regret. The ending was actually quite mature and had me a little taken back. The characters did an awesome job at providing some really funny moments but overall the awkwardness of some of the fetishes really turned me off (literally) when reading. If you like ecchi and comedy then you will most likely enjoy this manga.

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