Monday, November 19, 2012

"Sword Art Online" (Anime) Episodes 18-20 Thoughts

Since my last post of Sword Art Online, Lyfa and Kirito have made their way closer to the world tree and even saved an entire race from total destruction. Compared to what I remember reading in the light novel version, I honestly have to say it has been very accurate. Since we last left off, Lyfa and Kirito ventured into the mountain range that was placed in their way. Inside the mountain is a safe town for travelers as well as their log off destination. On the way however they find out they are being tracked. When the enemies catch up, there is an all-out brawl between the two groups and of course Kiritio’s group comes out victorious. After befriending one of the enemies, they find out that the Salamanders plan on attacking two of the other factions at a treaty convention in order to gain more power. After hearing about this, the two protagonists race off in order to cut off the forces. A spectacular fight erupts between Kirito and the caption of the attacking force and of course Kirito comes out the winner. 

So essentially we are getting to the real meat of this story arc. In the light novel series, Kirito and Lyfa make it to the World Tree fairly quickly after this event so I do not know if A-1 Pictures plans on adding some filler episodes (please god do not). Also I won’t spoil anything but a major event does happen between Lyfa and Kirito that may or may not change some things. The animation has remained stunning; the fight scenes in these past few episodes have been fantastic. The quality of the lighting, the very fluid frame rate, and very beautiful backgrounds really bring out the best of this new MMO world. When I was reading this arc in the light novel series, I picture a similar setting for this town inside the mountain with the surrounding lake. The music fits well but it hasn’t been spectacular by any means. Props to the voice actors though because every new character introduced has done a pretty good job expressing their character very well. Things are about to speed up in the episodes to come so I will be looking forward to the events to come. I may even go back and start re-reading the light novel series just so I can picture the events from two different sources.

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